Since 1954, Sayerlack has been providing the most innovative and highest quality finishes for wood. Committed to research, developing new technologies, and expanding production capabilities, Sayerlack has quickly become one of the largest producers of wood coatings in Europe.
In 1987, Sayerlack joined the Hickson International Group, becoming Hickson Coatings in 1993. In July 2000, Hickson International was acquired by Arch Chemicals Inc. and Sayerlack became the core of Arch Coatings.

In 2010, The Sherwin-Williams Company aquired Sayerlack from Arch Chemicals, Inc. The combined excellence and geographic breadth of the The Sherwin-Williams Company and Sayerlack creates a global leader of wood finishes.
From 1 January 2013 the two legal entities Sayerlack S.r.l. and SWIC have become a single company: Sherwin-Williams Italy S.r.l.

The Sayerlack Philosophy focuses attention on the people who produce our coatings for wood products, who come in contact with our finishes at work and at home, and also who use finished products. Environmental consciousness is a priority, and we are leaders in innovation of technologies and finishes that reduce environmental impact.
The brand Sayerlack is synonymous of the highest quality and represents a landmark for the professionals of the wood coating.